North Aiken Flea Market

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ThanksThanks​Want your virtual vendor/business page? Imagine selling from anywhere you happen to be right now!

Studies have shown most flea market vendors/businesses sell their items from many different venues both live and online including E-Bay, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. The "Virtual Vendor Flea Market" makes possible for a flea market vendor/business to sell from many live and online sites all at once.So how about having all your items available on one page that allows your customers to contact you via instant message,text,phone call or even in a chat room. You can close the deal from several locations all while your on your phone, computer, or even while your selling on location.

Get your virtual vendor/business page up today in a few easy steps; completely fill out the registration form, then click submit and you will receive a conformation call to schedule your publish date.

Here is what you will need for a "Quick Start"

Vendor and/or business information to begin selling with your virtual vendor page


1 sentence/catch phrase (Something you might say to every customer)

1-3 main pictures (These will be stationary) 

1-3 social profile addresses (These are your plug-ins and the main way you will communicate with your customers.) This is also how you maintain your virtual table.

Personal information   **All personal information is for office use only and will not be shared. If you want a customer to have your  personal information you must provide through chat or your shared public social profiles.**

Legal Name, Address, Phone, Birth Date,  and E-Mail for office/contact use only. These MUST be valid and you MUST be an adult over 18yrs to qualify.


First click and subscribe with your Paypal, credit or debit it's only $9.99 a month and you can cancel at any time with just a call or e-mail.

Completely fill out the form below and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom you will then be contacted within 48 hours to schedule the publish date of your virtual vendor page. Any item with a * is required.

If you have a promo code please insert that at the bottom of the form.

                                                  Virtual Vendor/Business Registration